Grief Seminar

Caldwell-Kirk Mortuary sponsors a quarterly Grief Seminar at the Oleta Crain Enrichment Community Center, 2102 Marion Street. Denver, CO 80205. Families are encouraged to bring children; I know that they suffer through loss as well.

The series of four books, Journeying through Grief, will be made available to attendees at our Grief Seminar. Each book describes the issues and feelings that people tend to encounter at various points during their grief and offers suggestions on how to handle them. The titles of the books are: A Time to Grieve, Experiencing Grief, Finding Hope and Healing, and Rebuilding and Remembering.

One of the things I like about this sequence of books is the warm, friendly way that their written. It's the kind of book you can read in one sitting or a little at a time--whatever seems right for you. You might even refer back to the book from time to time, since some of the ideas that don't ring true for you now may be helpful later on.

Jehn-ai Jackson on my staff will be coordinating these seminars. It is our hope and prayer that these seminars will bring comfort and peace to our families during their time of grief and sorrow. It is intended that these seminars will provide a continuous avenue for coping with ongoing grief.

For questions and additional information please call 303-861-4644.

Elvin R. Caldwell, Jr.

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